The us is definitely the Correct Outdated World

Hello there, my title is Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, And that i am very pleased to introduce to you my new eBook entitled, “The united states could be the Legitimate Old Planet,” but 1st allow me to show you more about myself. I am a honorary 33 degree mason, Metaphysician, Historian, Philosopher, Paralegal, Researcher, Poet, Revealed Writer, Crown Knight of Kush, and Ghostwriter. I'm forty years old and loving existence in lovely South Florida. I shell out a lot of my time with my family and friends, so I do think about myself for being a household male in addition to a workforce player. Now, let’s talk about my new e-book.

My e-book, “The united states would be the Genuine Aged Environment” (Vol., I), is destined to rewrite the record books, because of the topic from the e-book, if verified proper, since the outdated entire world is suppose being the East instead of the West. This book reveals the invention with the Shed Continent of Mu, the invention of Atlantis, the invention of your Back garden of Eden, and so way more. This book has forty coloration illustrations to spotlight The fantastic thing about the Aged Environment. This book is quantity I of the IV quantity e book collection that addresses twelve chapters, so There exists additional to come back. Quantity I, e book Chapters incorporate: Chapter 1: The united states may be the Correct Previous Planet (Vol., I); Chapter 2: India Exceptional was in North America (Vol., I); and Chapter 3: Ancient Sumer was during the Americas (Vol., I).

This book is definitely an open up problem to any and all Students, whether they be Skilled or novice scholars. I don’t rely on any degrees from western Colleges to qualify me to jot down this book, mainly because I'll Permit the evidence that I present qualify this eBook as factual. I'm with the organization perception that it is the current set up western academia model of record, which happens to be the Outside of Africa Principle, would be the main reason why none of the discoveries listed During this guides are certainly not acknowledged and therefore are not talked about if known, because not a soul would like to go in opposition to proven western academia. To go towards Western Academia is to be label a fraud and an incompetent human being, so I realize why the knowledge On this eBook is not really regarded or both not talked about. We are during the age of Aquarius, and that is the knowledge Age/the Age of Understanding, so everything which was concealed will come to light.

Throughout the last countless a long time, people have infatuated with historic civilizations like Sumer, Egypt, and India. Even so, Individuals civilizations could never be in The brand new Entire world (the Americas), simply because this landmass was first learned by Christopher Columbus in 1492, that's what they instruct us in class. Because of most people believing which the Ancient America Americas is the New World, the majority of people are fully Incorrect regarding how outdated the Americas are and that the reported historical civilizations were also during the Americas way too. This eBook is meant to set the record straight.

During this put up is an image of a Olmec head. The Olmec’s (outdated Mexicans) had been your to start with Americas and, in all probability, your initial individuals way too. The Olmecs were a lot of the survivors in the Atlantis disaster. I say this due to the fact no Olmec head continues to be located in Africa, so as a result the Olmec’s did not originate from Africa, that is Opposite to what western academia believes. The Olmec head graphic On this write-up is without doubt that of a Mu’ur/ Moor (Negro) from Mu. Mu signifies Mother, As outlined by James Churchward in his the Misplaced continent of Mu, reserve. The Olmecs have been Mu’urs, because they originate from MU/Meru/Meri/Mary. MU is code for Mu’urs. The headdress from the Olmec resembles a Fez. You can also see the tassel to the front with the fez and you may see tassels to the back of your Fez also with one other Olmec picture I've shared On this write-up in the again check out of your Olmec head.

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